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Beware of Frauds suggesting connotation with vTech Solution, Inc.

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7/9/2020 | vTech Solution, Inc. has been receiving memos sent via email, web sites, text messages, and regular mail or copy, misleadingly stating that they are issued by, or in connotation with the vTech Solution, Inc. or its executives. These scams, which may pursue to get money via subscription renewal or issuing charges for using services, or asking the private details from the addressees of such correspondence, are deceitful.

Haresh Vataliya, CEO of vTech Solution, Inc. quotes “It is unfortunate that scammers are misleading our customers and the public in general by using our organization’s name. We, hereby, want to inform our customers that vTech isn’t involved in charging customers or wouldn’t seek their account information. Reporting such incidents will help put a stop to these ongoing scamming attempts.”

vTech Solution, Inc. strongly recommends that it does not connect with any individual or group for any unsolicited transfer of any amount or fund. Neither the organization gets involved in such improper and unlawful activities through any agent or bank. Please do not share bank details or transfer any money if approached by anyone using the company’s name. Please report such incidents to the relevant authorities immediately. vTech Solution, Inc. is not and will not be responsible for any such unaccounted transfer of money.

Here are some betraying signs that try to scam you. These include-
• A cold phone call.
• Promising Statements or guaranteed returns.
• Requesting information related to your bank accounts or other personal information.
• An email address with casual numbers or misleading information.

If you suspect a scam or think that you’ve been a target of a scam, contact us. We promise to take your privacy seriously and will try never to pass it on to the wrong hands or any third-party involvement. vTech Solution assures that it provides safe and reliable services to its customers.

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