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IT Modernization: The time is now!

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IT financing for modernizing was up to $89.3 billion in the year 2020.So what is it that, is holding them—or even your agency—back? The response to that question can be tied straightforwardly to information and its accessibility, availability, and, above all, its security.

Even though Federal IT Modernization is a necessity for almost all agencies, there are so many challenges which they are facing.

So, let us discuss the challenges which Federal agencies face while preparing their Roadmap to IT Modernization:

* Migration to the cloud is slow:

Despite continuous pushes in different corners of the government and progressively practical, secure cloud contributions from the public area, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports just 11% of federal agencies are at present on the cloud. This slow walk towards the cloud, which is an establishment for digital modernization, addresses a huge obstacle for government agencies who will soon face binding requirements to modernize their advanced IT Infrastructure. After all, being the “first” to take the step can be an awkward situation for a program manager to be.

*Security and perception:

Traditional thinking recommends that huge, physical data centers where engineers can physically touch their servers are more secure than cloud security. We contend that this isn’t the situation and that the cloud is, truth be told, a safer home for applications and data. There are various reasons why including homogenous security innovation for the cloud versus layers of different security frameworks on physical servers that collect throughout the year.

Another challenge government organizations face in this space is to convince engineers and IT leaders that while they will most likely be unable to touch contact the server, they still have complete over what befalls or happens to it, how it is arranged and who can access and work on it through digital interfaces.

*Outcome against process:

In the upcoming year, Federal agencies should start to concentrate on result-oriented services so they can focus less on “what is under the hood?” and more on whether the user has had a positive, productive “experience in the public-facing innovation/technology. At the point when we can divert attention from “how did they get here” towards analyzing a bunch of experiences like accessibility, reaction time, and end-user fulfillment, we begin to concentrate more on positive outcomes or results rather than the processes.

*Technical debt:

Technical Debt is a term used in IT circles that alludes to the measure of obsolete code or unsupported platforms in a specific organization. Various government agencies carry huge levels of Technical Debt, and the more they carry, the further they are from genuine digital modernization. An important segment of digital modernization is application modernization which decreases and takes out technical debt.

After discussing the above Challenges, we understand that there is a need for Federal IT Modernization and if done right, it surely gives positive results.

So, now it’s time to discuss-why do we need IT Modernization?

Improves efficiency:

Modernizing IT Infrastructure further improves efficiencies and business execution. Things can be refreshed and updated and refined with bug fixes and security patches. Modernization introduces functional straightforwardness and mitigates the weight on IT tasks.

Robust security:

A survey by Veritis indicates 87% of IT decision-makers admitted that legacy applications make businesses more vulnerable to security threats. This is because outdated applications are not compatible with present-day security norms and validation techniques. Modernizing your IT Infrastructure can avoid security weaknesses that legacy systems pose.

Compatibility enhancement:

Modernization of IT Infrastructure upgrades its interoperability with new technologies, platforms, and code. Moreover, it empowers federal agencies to seamlessly integrate their applications, so they’re better situated to meet current and future business requests.

Staying relevant:

IT modernization empowers agencies to capitalize on digital technologies including AI, ML, Big Data, and cloud. It changes your IT environment dependent on current market patterns and builds a flexible foundation for future innovation.

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