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IT Challenges faced by Small Businesses

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Information Technology (IT) is now the core of any organization, gone are the days where without IT business could run and thrive, today in this digital age Information Technology is “de rigueur” or imperative to multi-national corporations with large mainframe servers and databases to a small business with only a few computers. For large organizations with big IT budgets managing IT Infrastructure is fairly simple but for a small business managing IT services could be a daunting nightmare, difficult as it is, it’s crucial for the survival of a small business If it doesn’t want to be swallowed by the big whales of the industry. Creating a strong IT infrastructure will help you survive and grow.

Yes, small businesses need strong IT infrastructure buts it’s ‘easier said than done’, here are some common challenges they might face:


Communication barrier:

Communication is the soul of any organization, in order to maintain efficiency and smooth functioning of all organizational system there must be communication, both within the organization and from the outside world. E-mail is not the only way to communicate in the new age market, competition demand a more aggressive approach like live chat systems, online meeting tools, VOIP telephones, video conferencing, tablets and smart phones and other high-tech tools for a effective & efficient communication from suppliers, clients, customers, stakeholders, inter-staff, etc.


Flux barrier:

The more the world progresses, more it becomes unpredictable there is a need for the IT to respond to the changes quickly and adapt, the tradition service models goes out of date in a flash, there is a need for application agility that the IT teams must respond to and be the faster than your competitor to adapt and deploy application to succeed. vTech solution Inc. faces lot of challenges in this dynamic environment but we make sure our clients stay ahead of the curve being proactive with the use of our IT services like vCloud Database, vCloud storage, and Application Development etc. We are constantly evolving and replenishing our client’s arsenal to fight changes, we upgrade and replace all our applications even post deployment to ensure maximum benefits to our clients.


Security barrier

Security is one of the biggest challenges any organization faces whether big or small only difference being that a big company might recover after a compromising breach, but a small business may not. Thus making security an essential expense to succeed, to protect your ideas from competitors small business will most definitely need to adopt an aggressive approach. With the use of cloud, big data, business intelligence solutions a need arises for a comprehensive security solution that protects assets, Investments, interests and end users. Our vCloud security, risk assessment, vulnerability assessment services are designed to provide Industry leading security services, to assess and evaluate all current and potential threats and to provide a cost effective optimized security solution that ensures the safety of complete IT infrastructure of the company.


Cost barrier:

The universal truth ‘small business don’t have money’, any small business is small due to its financial constrain, making cost the most biggest and troublesome challenge, still they need to plan their priorities and invest in IT if they wants to change the situation, thus the IT department is in constant pressure to bring the cost down in the face of constant change, to do so IT dept must reduce the cost of maintaining current projects and purchase cost effective solutions for future endeavors.

Our solutions are customized keeping the small businesses basic needs in the mind we provide extremely efficient solutions that are cost effective and extremely profitable for the organizations both in the short run and long run.


Effective Hiring barrier:

Without doubt this is one of the biggest challenge any business faces, finding the right technical staff is one of the most essential ingredient to success of any business especially small business where everyone is like a family lacking the politics and scrutiny, thus if they work well as a family it could be extremely profitable but in case of a dysfunctional family it could be there annihilation. The key is to learn the different personalities of different team member and tailor your management tactics accordingly, but still the question of hiring the right technical resources is there with that small HR budget there is not much small business can do. But we can, vTech specializes in finding our clients the best possible technical resources, we provide IT staffing to both the government and commercial sector and are fully equipped to provide industry leading IT staffing services to clients.


Resource management barrier:

Now the fact of the matter is, a small business should not just manage resources it should be more efficient than others in the market, thus the only way is through the use of Information technological advancements that can alter this paradigm. With the new uses like advance Inventory and data management applications that eliminate the physical data and make it universally assessable and other management Information systems (MIS) which enable companies to track sales data, expenses and productivity levels and achieve optimum utilization of resources. Our vCloud storage, Big data, Business intelligence, and other services can help businesses out grow this halt & lack of IT solutions and can help them achieve the operational efficiency they so perilously need.


Most of the small businesses have expertise in their business, but maybe not in IT. With the shrinking budget and limited resources at their disposal they need to act smart and invest wisely, they can achieve optimization but outsourcing their IT needs to a specialist and focus on what they know best, while IT experts focus on your needs. Vtech solution Inc. has years of experience in providing IT services like vCloud services, network services and application development, we also specialize in providing IT consulting and IT staffing services to know more about us click the following link:




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