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Supercomputer vs. The Cloud

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Imagine if you had a well-equipped supercomputer in your possession – a computer with 500 GB of RAM, 1 PB storage and a speed of about 18 PentaFLOPS; some of us are not even acquainted with these terms. However, one thing we can be certain about is that this machine will be a god of computers. Even the most data-occupying and memory consuming applications will work like a charm, without a glitch. All your past, present and potential new data needs no boundaries and does not have to be confined in the small space of your in-house PC.

Any computer mainly depends on processor and memory for its working. The processor executes the work and the memory holds the information. Many applications used today need massive computational resources for their working. Some of them are complex systems and databases, client relationship platforms and even applications for computing demographic data for vast geographical regions to analyze buying patterns, trends, etc. For such requirements, businesses need sophisticated systems that can work with very high efficiency.

One solution to this problem is a supercomputer; however, one of the biggest problems of buying an in-house supercomputer is that it requires an exorbitant amount of capital for installation and is way too expensive to maintain. An easier alternative is to adopt ‘Distributed Computing’, one form of which is ‘Cloud Computing’. Game changing benefits that are bestowed by a super-computer can easily be reaped with the Cloud, without burning a crater-size hole in your pocket.

Supercomputers are housed in one location along with all their infrastructure and processors, and everything flows through the local network. On the contrary, with cloud computing, the computing infrastructure is located in diverse geographical locations, all working in harmony via the Internet. Thus, for the Cloud, you do not need a commodious room to accommodate the gigantic supercomputer, neither do you need well-trained IT personnel on your payroll to maintain and manage it.

One more challenge with the supercomputer is that it is difficult and expensive to scale resources as per your needs, whereas, the Cloud has been known for its scalability. Meaning, you have the right to choose your service as and when required and mend it accordingly.

How safe and secure is your data?

Let’s just put it this way – even the leading banks and institutes that demand utmost data security have started to migrate their mission-sensitive processes to the Cloud. With the increasing demands and adoption rate of the Cloud by data-sensitive businesses, researchers and Cloud security experts have created various advanced methods for encrypting and protecting the data, resulting in a far safer and secure process. As per a report by Forbes last year, 93% of the businesses have already migrated their data and applications to the Cloud or are experimenting with Cloud, at the very least.

Imagine if you have a supercomputer in your possession; well, with Cloud, it is just a few clicks away!



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