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Multi-Cloud Architecture Solutions

A multi-cloud approach would include public clouds, private clouds, or a mixture of both, utilizing different providers. The trend is now shifting towards multi-cloud. 

Cloud operations can be made easy and made cost-effective by making use of multiple cloud computing environments on single network architecture.

How does vTech address Incompatibility Across Clouds?

In the search for a cloud environment that meets the needs across your application portfolio, the reality is a single cloud won’t be enough. Thus, moving to a multi-cloud solution can help

vTech can help you understand and deal with the complexities of unique cloud-based architectures, each with their own requirements and rules. 

We help you tackle the design challenges in cloud architecture, too—so you can stay future-ready, use the tools and skills you already have, and easily migrate applications without code changes. Thus meet your business needs on schedule. 

Where vTech can help you

Build, move, and run applications anywhere

Moving applications between public clouds without rewriting.

Keep applications secure

no matter where they’re run.

Enable developer/IT support

Teams can collaborate easily.

Migrate to new cloud environments seamlessly

Regardless of where they’re deployed.

Migrate to new cloud environments seamlessly

Adapting doesn’t mean refactoring.

Benefits of adopting the Multi-cloud approach
Caveats to keep an eye on

A multi-cloud setup comes with a complicated configuration. Major cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud have different terminologies for the resources and separate applications that may or may not easily interface with each other. Therefore, one needs to identify the equivalent terms for each resource to compare one provider’s offering with others.  

Also, resource sizing might be different for the same expected performance level and/or vice versa.  

Streamlined operation of multi-cloud requires the installation of cloud management tools and platforms to overcome some of the above barriers with ease. 

vTech Solution Multi-Cloud Management Services features

“Empower your business with our Multi-cloud strategy automation” 

Why choose vTech for your Multicloud strategy?

“Give your business an edge with our Multi-cloud strategy” 

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