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What do you mean by Big Data?

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The ‘Big Data’ is not that big of a predicament to understand, according to terminology it’s a collection of data sets, which are so complex and considerable that the data cannot be easily captured, stored, searched, shared, analyzed, or visualized using available tools. Simply put, ‘Big data is data that exceeds the processing capacity of conventional database systems and personal computers’, so don’t try this at home. When people say ‘big data’ they are referring to not just the size of the data but also its speed and complexity. Thus to take value from this data you must choose an alternative way to process it. The right use of big data can enable analysts to spot trends and get niche insights.

The explosion & expansion of the data is relatively new, this millennium marked the passage of the humanity into the digital age. Prior to the year 2000, only one quarter of the worlds stored information was digital. The rest of the data was on paper, films and other analog media & devices. Now due to rapid development of digital technology less than two percentage of the all the stored data is in non-digital form.

Uses of Big Data

Big data has many uses, meteorology, genomics, complex physics simulations, biological and environmental research. It also affects Internet search, finance and business informatics. From the past decade there are many organizations and web startups that have realized and utilized the value of the big data, by being able to process complex data sets like peer influencing among customers, analyzing shoppers’ transactions, social and geographical data, social media attitude, etc. and finding patterns for optimal success and developing custom business strategy.

But in order to understand big data system or strategy, we must understand its underlying attributes that are commonly referred as the three V’s as in, volume, velocity and variety.


There has been an exponential growth in the data storage as the data is now more than just text data. We can find data in the form of videos, music and large images on internet and social media channels, etc. The current estimation of the data stored only on the internet is around 8 billion terabytes. With around 3 billion total earthlings connected to it.


The growth in the data and the explosion of social media has changed the perspective of data. The real time data, streaming and constant adaptation has made data time sensitive, even the newspaper is falling behind in this race. The speed of modern data is unparallel as you read this around 2.9 million emails are being send for every second, about 20 hours of video will be uploaded in the next min, and 50 million tweets will be twitted by the night.


The data is not just huge and fast it’s also messy, the data is stored in various formats for example databases, text, videos, audio, spreadsheets, pdf’s, codes, etc. making it horizontally so diverse and complex. Thus, a need off a business solution arises that manages these V’s of big data and provide user with usable and correct information.

Big Data solutions

Big Data is not just about lots of data it’s actually a system creating opportunity to find new insights into existing data as well as a guide to find, capture and analysis your future data. It’s a system that provides business with the tools to adapt and overcome business challenges. Forward looking technology companies like vTech Solution Inc., have been able to detect these needs and design customized solutions that allow businesses to easily manage big data at the correct time and place, giving them a competitive edge.

Our vCloud Big Data solutions are powered by Hadoop clusters, that divide the data into smaller sizes and stores it across multiple computers/servers so that computations can be run in parallel across multiple connected machines. Essentially, it accomplishes two tasks: massive data storage and faster processing.


Innovative and forward looking companies are first to adopt Big Data, more and more firms are realizing the potential of big data systems and are investing in the technology, however the rate of adoption will vary depending on the volume of the company and the sector of the company . There is lot of scope for Big data solutions in almost all the fields but the fields of distribution, logistics, financial and mass-scale marketing firms will derive the most value out of big data, making it the ‘next Big thing’…..


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