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Why Choose An Agency For Your Healthcare Staffing Requirements?

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The advancement in the workforce, along with newer technologies made the healthcare industry, rely on consulting agencies for hiring IT professionals instead of their HR departments.

Today’s situation of COVID-19 pandemic, where the number of infected patients outruns the number of healthcare professionals needed to cure them, has left the healthcare and medical industry helpless. The hospital staff and all others involved are still showing up and giving their cent percent, but it is not enough for the nation.

The healthcare and medical industry these days are going through a lack of personnel. On April 7th, Washington DC Mayor, Muriel Bowser, had asked residents to clap and cheer at 8 p.m. to thank hardworking health workers in the district.

With the alarming rate of increase in the number of COVID-19 patients, many hospitals around the country are mainly focused on taking care of specifically COVID-19 patients. In this situation of trauma, the whole staff of healthcare professionals has shifted to provide them as a major concern; which has resulted in vacancies both for the healthcare professionals and their recruiters.

The need varies from nurse staffing and physician staffing to allied clinician and pharmacist staffing and recruiting. Finding the right candidate to support key services is a challenge for the industry. Thus, turning to experienced consulting agencies like vTech Solution, Inc. seems the best alternative for them as these agencies are backed with deep market knowledge and expertise.

vTech Solution, Inc. offers a wide range of staffing services and provides end-to-end support in areas such as clinical and healthcare staffing. Click here for more details.

How can agencies help –

Hospitals and health systems are continuously fighting with a bulk of problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the nation. Some of them include fewer tests, slow results, scarcity of ventilators, and doctors’ kits which are still uncorrected and are contributing to worsening the situation. Amidst all these, hospitals lack sufficient workforce.

  • Better recruitment of staff: Agencies can source permanent, full-time employees who are recruited after putting through extensive screening and several interviews.
  • Reaches more people: While HR departments can go for job offerings on their website or even in field periodicals, they typically have a limited scope and not as many resources as a staffing service provider can give. When it comes to healthcare staffing resources, agencies can provide better, from drawing from a larger pool of candidates to having a more in-depth knowledge of the industry.
  • The best of both worlds: While hiring, departments at hospitals or clinics may know what makes a good worker for treating patients, they may not fully understand the skills required for qualified healthcare IT professionals. By applying their knowledge of both information technologies and the specific needs of the health care industry, IT staffing agencies can provide the best candidates for the job.
  • Managing other tasks: When it comes to finalizing hires then a healthcare staffing agency may assist in negotiating the salary, paperwork, and scheduling. These things can reduce the burden on HR departments of healthcare agencies.


Emerging need for healthcare IT professionals –

With an increase in technology, hospitals and other medical providers require IT recruitment for being in the race of keeping up with the technology. Unfortunately, the hospitals usually stick to the forgone idea and prefer their existing medical staff to take up the IT tasks. This puts an even greater strain on the workplace as they expect the unskilled information technology workers to do the job like the skilled ones.

Today’s healthcare sector has a high demand for IT professionals to match with the technology. Many clinics and hospitals offer patient portals to allow for making appointments and emailing doctors. Also, maintaining patient privacy is a critical factor as all the information is electronically stored inside servers. This can be executed only through healthcare sector-specific IT staffing.

IT experts have the capability to set up and maintain these systems while ensuring they have a user-friendly interface. They also keep the systems secure by standing in between hackers and sensitive data. Without them, health organizations’ data is at potential risk. This shows how terribly do the healthcare centers need dedicated IT staff to keep their systems working.

vTech Solution, Inc. has massive experience in matching professionals with career opportunities at some of the world’s leading Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Pharma businesses. Our experts have immediate knowledge of your business and your needs. vTech Solution, Inc. delivers provides the dedicated workforce with specific skills and knowledge you need.

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